Sauna – Steam Bath – Infrared

The hot air gets you fit and happy. The change between heat and cooling increases the blood circulation and gets your muskles relaxed. If the high temperatures in the sauna don´t meet your wishes, you can use the steam bath.

After the saune you can enjoy the nature and landscape in our relaxing area.


The perfect way to relax even on a rainy day. Be good to yourself and enjoy a massage by our masseuses Valerie and Hannes.

The Lake

Fresh water from the mountains provide drinking water quality in the lake.

You can enjoy this lake by swimming or taking the rowing boat for a trip around the island in the lake.

At our own beach you can also get drinks or some ice cream at our self-service bar.



Antistress für den Herrn

60per package
  • Warm Anointment
  • Back massage (Dorn-Breuss) with St. John´s wort oil
  • Qi-Gong in the group to fortify the astral body
  • „Wind-down“ – walk in the forest in the group

Harmony for the Lady

60per package
  • Body Scrub with natural salt and herbs
  • Soundmassage for the muscle or lithotherapeutical check
  • Belle Visage pouch massage for face and cleavage
  • Sense of forest and flowery fields for the soul

time for two

85per package
  • 1 Pantai Luar pouch massage with warm and exclusiv oils – whole body treatment
  • 1 Belle Visage herbalpouch massage for face, neck and chest
  • Each 3 minutes Qi-machine – vibration of the body to improve the blood circulation